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Chatham biking on the Loop and The Cape Cod Rail Trail

Chatham biking
Chatham biking

Chatham biking

Millions of visitors to Chatham have already discovered that exploring the area by bike is both relaxing and exciting. Whether you’re a professional cyclist, hobbyist or just looking to roll around town, you’ll discover plenty of opportunities while Chatham biking.  Just less than 1/4 mile from Cape Escape Vacation Rental you access the Cape Cod Rail Trail path via Morton Rd just before the Talkative Pig Bistro.

Cape Cod has hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails, including a paved, regularly maintained and clearly marked bike path.  The Cape Cod Bike Trail wanders 20 miles through charming towns, cranberry bogs and knotted pines before reaching Chatham. Whichever course you choose, a Cape Cod cycle tour is full of variety.  Your surroundings change as you roll along, and often the scenery at the end of your tour looks quite different.

Download the Rail Trail Map

Didn’t bring your bike with you?  No problem!  Our Cape Escape Chatham vacation rental provides a wonderful choice of adult Cannondale, Trek type quality style bikes for our guests to enjoy.  Our newest addition, a charming new Bermuda Bicycle built for two cruiser. We also have a variety of children size bikes including a Trek Trainer tandem, even a Schwinn double trailer which  also can be used as a push jogging trailer.

There is also a couple rental shops close by, right off the trail for any other needs and repairs that will pick up and deliver.  We recommend Chatham Hood Bikes

Explore All Chatham biking has to offer

Once you’ve cycled through town, visit Monomoy Island in Chatham’s southern end. The long stretch of sand that unites Chatham and Monomoy (“The Causeway” as locals call it) offers beautiful views of the Atlantic on one side and the Ryder’s Cove marina on the other.

The Chatham Bikeways Committee welcomes bicyclists to Chatham. Biking in Chatham, Cape Cod is a great way to explore the town and visit the many beaches and shops while avoiding the traffic congestion during the summer months. You’re always guaranteed a parking space downtown at one of the many bicycle racks located on Main Street!

To ensure your safety and enjoyment while bicycling, the Committee provides the following reminders of the rules of the road.

Biking Safety

• Wear a helmet (required by Massachusetts law for children 12 years of age or younger).
• Ride on the right with traffic.
• Obey all traffic signals.
• Use proper signals for turning; signal in advance
• Ride single file
• If riding on the sidewalk, yield to pedestrians.
• Avoid riding at night, but if you must, wear appropriate
reflective clothing.
• Stay alert; be aware of obstacles and traffic around you.
• Walk your bike through downtown

Additional tips for biking in Chatham and beyond…

1.  Bring Water

Our first tip is a very serious one: Dehydration is real.  It can lead to worse things when combined with physical activity (like biking).  Pro bikers know this and will always have water on hand. If you’re not used to bike excursions. please remember this one thing! 

2.  Bring some cash

There are lots of great spots off the many Cape Cod bike routes to buy snacks, souvenirs, food or ice cream while Chatham biking.  A break from the trail and something sweet can make the trip even more worth while! This part of a bike trip always brings the kid out in us!

3.  Plan your Route

When biking with a group, having a plan before you hit the trail is a great idea.  Even the most novice bikers can handle a 5-10 mile jaunt without much trouble – maybe you just want to bike into downtown Chatham, or up to the Coast Guard beach… either way, make a plan.  It will keep trail arguments to a minimum and maximize the fun!

4.  Have a repair kit handy

Be a good Boy/Girl Scout, alway be prepared. Great to be able to fix a unexpected flat or help someone else that was not prepared.

Feel free to share your Chatham biking story.  Ad any thoughts or comments…

Keep Calm, biking in Chatham


Posted by: John Muldoon
Posted on: 20th May,2017

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